New Student Information

Beginners Corner

Welcome to Irish Dance!  As a new dance parent, we are sure you have a lot of questions. Hopefully we can answer them here for you.

Class Attire
Since it is important in Irish Dance to have the correct posture – the teachers have to be able to see a dancer’s arms, legs, knees etc. Proper attire for class is a short sleeve tee shirt, shorts, socks and soft dance shoes. Hair must be tied back from the face. We have bathrooms for the children to change. Just have them keep a pair of shorts in their dancing bag and change when they get here. Dancers arriving in jeans etc – will not be able to dance – they will be asked to sit and watch the class. In a few weeks, we will be ordering shoes or hopefully the salesman will come to the studio for fittings. We also have a used shoe bin – please check that out first.

Classes start the first week of school in September. Most dancers will meet once a week in the beginning. If you miss a class – it is your responsibility to attend a make up class. There is no discount on tuition for missed classes. If your child is sick – please do not send them to class.

Dance Studio Etiquette (click here)

Class Structure
Parents will be given opportunities to observe, however routinely being in the studio during class time, can be distracting and disruptive. If you have questions, please refrain from asking a teacher during class time. Other parents are a great resource for you as a new dance parent and they should be more than happy to help guide you or answer some of your questions while in the parent lounge. 

Some classes can be very large. Except for rare occasions, there are always at least 2 instructors in the classroom so proper attention is given to students.  

Irish dance is unique in that students will be learning “steps” and it may take a little bit of time to get used to putting everything together. Set aside 15 to 20 minutes, about 2 to 3 times a week to practice at home. If you need assistance getting music to make sure that your dancer has something to practice to, please see a teacher or another dance parent.

Family Participation
After your dancers first year, they will be ready to compete and what is called a feis. Although competition is not required, there are other opportunities for your dancers to show off their hard work through performances, parades as well as the annual recital. We encourage all dancers to participate when they can.

Throughout the year, we will hold various fundraisers to benefit all the dancers of the school. Parent and family participation is vital to make these successful. There will also be many events that require assistance and sign up opportunities will be made to you. Please consider signing up or participating whenever you can.

Class Cancellations
In the event of inclement weather, class cancellations will be announced in an email, social media and/or this website. Cancelled classes will be made up when the schedule allows.

Class costumes are rented on a yearly basis.  The new dancers won’t need them until the Recital. More on that to follow.

Newsletters, special notices, etc will be emailed to you. Please make sure you have the correct email on file. Please let us know if your email changes.

Tuition is due on the dates specified.  A $5.00 late fee applies after that. Checks can be made out to Boland Booster Club. Venmo payments to @Irishdance23 (please add 2% transaction fee).

  • 1st payment due first week of classes (include the registration fee)
  • January 9
  • April 10

Please keep current.  Tickets for recital will not be sold with an outstanding balance.  We can arrange for anyone who wishes to pay annually.